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Shapewear specialist Spanx have just released a new bridal collection, and there doesn’t appear to be any hint of shaping present!

Renowned for their smoothing and shaping tendencies, it looks as though Spanx are hitting the bridal wear market minus the shaping they are renowned for. Their bridalwear range oozes sex appeal, fun-action and flirty show stopping drama…

This new bridalwear collection, named Spotlight on Lace is available now, at the Spanx website.  And we are eager to get our shelves stocked too, adding more to our already “bulging” Spanx lingerie range.

Spanx Bridal Wear Collection

Source: Spanx

Spanx are currently listing 4 items for budding brides, or bridesmaids. Consisting of briefs, bodysuits, high-waisted briefs and a lace bralette.

In a press release, Spanx founder Sara Blakeley said – “Women, especially brides and bridesmaids, have been asking for a product that they could wear on their special day that was pretty and powerful”

Spanx Shapewear

The great thing about this bridal range is that they are just too good for one day’s worth of action. That’s what we think and we’re sure the guys over at Spanx agree too. These garments are just too darn sexy for one wear, so treat yourself, and your partner. Spanx have gone on record as stating – “perfect for your big day and every little moment in between”

As the wedding season begins, then it’s time to start ordering now, prices are extremely competitive. Their bridal range starts from just £30 for lace briefs and up to £62 for the full-length lace bodysuit.  All four pieces from the range are available in sizes XS to 2X, in a variety of gorgeous colours.

Have Spanx managed to change the shape of Shapewear? With this bridal range, Spanx have certainly made a dent in the attitude towards it. This bridal collection is about lingerie with shaping added, as opposed to the shaping being added to the lingerie.

Check out our Spanx lingerie range here and start to take advantage of this fantastic lingerie brand today.

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