Cette Shapewear

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Cette Seamless Body Shape Dress

Instant shaping, Flattens tummy, Accentuates the waist, Reduces saddle backs and fat rolls, Lifts bottom

Available Sizes:
2 X L UK Dress 24-26, 3 X L UK Dress 28-30

Cette Seamless Shaping Top Thumbnail

Cette Seamless Shaping Top

10% Cashmere, Firm toning, Light weight for summer, Effect on waist and tummy, Insulation for winter

Available Sizes:
2XL UK Dress 24-26, 3XL UK Dress 28-30

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The Cette shapewear range is one of the best collections of compression items in the world of lingerie. There are plenty of support underwear ranges out there, so claiming that one particular brand really stands out is quite the claim. But with Cette, there is plenty of evidence to support it.

How long has Cette been in business?

The first thing we love about Cette shapewear is its time served history and its reputation as one of the oldest brands in the world of lingerie to do shaping underwear. Cette has been around since 1958, and although not all that time was spent on designing compression underwear, Cette has still got experience that most brands envy. This length of time spent making clothing of any kind means that whatever they make and whatever new approach they take to designing new ranges results in an instant hit. There really is no substitute for experience and Cette shapewear benefits from these abilities and Cette's long standing reputation as a manufacture and great quality items. Another reason that this brand is so well regarded is that they have always made items of lingerie and legwear for plus size women.

Is Cette shapewear just for plus size ladies?

Now of course, shapewear is not just for fuller figure ladies, but they are one of many customers who chooses to wear support tights and other items that shape their figure, and Cette has become accustomed to making items that flatter and compliment their figures for a long time. This has given Cette an awareness of how people who don't wear the conventional intimates items need different things from their trusted lingerie brands. Their work has evolved and changed from learning this lesson and many others too about the variety that every designer needs to have and the amazing variety of people that want to wear their clothing. One size doesn't fit all and so many designers never learn this, but Cette has and did so a long time ago. Cette shapewear is more than just a collection of regular items with different sizes to boast of though.

Is Cette shapewear good quality?

The actual quality of their work is very high, and when they make a simple pair of hold in briefs, they are making a pair that you'll be wearing for a long time without them losing their elasticity over time.

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