Comfyballs Wood Long Black Boxers Thumbnail

Comfyballs Wood Long Black Boxers

Grey logo, Classic black, Packaged front, Natural product, Superior comfort, Longer length, Comfyballs softest boxer, 45% Lenzing modal, 45% Cotton, 10% Lycra

Available Sizes:
XXX Large

Comfyballs Cotton Regular Black Boxers Thumbnail

Comfyballs Cotton Regular Black Boxers

Classic black, Red waistband, Packaged front, Curved panels, Superior comfort, Extremely soft, 92% Cotton, 8% Lycra

Available Sizes:
XX Large (36-38")

Of all the brands and designers we have had over the past few year that have joined our fast growing family, we would say that Comfyballs is one of the most fascinating. The name alone is cause for questions and exploration. But as the name suggests and as you might have guessed, Comfyballs has one very important and singular mission behind its design philosophy. Men’s underwear that is superbly comfortable and high quality. They make the comfiest underwear on the planet. These are some big claims by a designer, but let’s look at whether they are true or not and what exactly they have done to deserve such a reputation.

What Makes Comfyballs So Well Designed?

Comfyballs were founded for one reason and one reason only, to make the comfiest underwear for men in the world. Their boxer briefs are wonderfully comfortable and snug, and they are thought out down the the last detail. Comfyballs boxer shorts have a really well made and perfectly placed pouch a the front of the design. Instead of a simple panel of material across the front like many underwear designers use for their design, these boxer shorts are designed to be far more comfy and well thought out. The brand itself even has a name for this type of mechanical addition to their underwear, which is called “anti-squeeze technology”. This might sound like a piece of fashion satire, but trust us when we say that Comfyball’s sense of humour hasn’t gotten in the way of their technical expertise one bit.

What Kind Of Materials Go Into Making Comfyballs?

These aren’t the only features that make these boxers so amazing though. There is also the material itself. All Comfyballs boxer briefs are made with the best materials you could ever hope to find in the world of underwear. Soft and breathable cotton that feels almost like silk, performance fabric that’s just as nice to wear and it moisture wicking, and even wood fibre boxers that have anti-microbial qualities. These materials alone really make the difference between well made items of underwear or more basic ones, but it’s really a combination of the above that makes us love Comfyballs the most.

Are Comfyballs Worth The Money?

Great underwear, like anything, can carry a much bigger price tag than most other designs out there. But they can also be worth every penny if you want the best underwear possible.

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