Cuddl Duds Comfortwear

Cuddl Duds is one of best names in the world of loungewear and comfort leggings. They are a design that brings the best of both these worlds, comfy loungewear and elegant nightwear, into one collection. Most other designers struggle to reconcile these kinds of clothing styles.

Cuddl Duds Comfortwear

Here at UK Lingerie the world of loungewear is full of wonderfully comfy items that people love to wear, items that are snug and soft and are ideal for more casual setting, but people just can't take the feeling of these gorgeous designs with them everywhere, different occasions demanding different outfits. So slouchy jogging pants are not always on the cards, lest you are truly daring. The same is true for the opposite also. The elegant cut and fit of the world's most luxurious nightwear also has its limitations. Whilst it is a joy to wear, nightwear that is like a beautiful dress in its cut, materials or fit is not nearly as comfortable as slouchy nightwear. It is certainly a pleasure to wear, but sometimes you need something more relaxed and less ceremonial.

Cuddl Duds Leggings

This is where Cuddl Duds comes in. Cuddle duds leggings are made of some of the most smooth and superb materials around, as they are stretch leggings the fitting snuggly and yet not being something that is cut like a red carpet dress. It is the perfect bridge between the two different approaches to nightwear. Cuddl Duds loungewear and nightwear designs look like they have been made to measure or knitted especially for you, but they are not delicate or made of fragile, precious materials that you would never be able to wear around the house. Instead, they have chosen modern materials that are able to be worn without worry of creasing or marking and are machine washable, making them the kind of thing you love to wear around the house. Don't get us wrong though, any designer can release a pair of yoga pants, but this isn't what Cuddl Duds are doing. They are not making items that are simply stretchy and fit close to the skin. Cuddl Duds leggings and tops are far more tailored and well designed than this. For instance, their fleeces and outdoor items are beautiful and fit really well, but they aren't just your average compression items. Cuddl Duds are cut and measured to fit like professional outdoor clothing companies' items do, with a close fit providing zero loss of warmth and yet meaning you can remain manoeuvrable and free.

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