Felina Bras And Briefs

Felina lingerie is the perfect example of everyday lingerie that feels like special occasion lingerie. This designer believes in what they call a "smart, elegant look",  and combines the ideal fit and the highest quality anyone could expect from a modern lingerie brand. With a focus on larger cup sizes (C - H), their bras, particular, are amongst the most comfortable you will ever find. Felina is really the very definition of a household name. In the world of lingerie, Felina bras are so well known in their industry, and they are a go to designer for so many women, whether it’s for fashion, for support, or for everyday comfort. So what is so great about Felina bras and why are they so ubiquitous? Let’s find out.

What Makes Felina Bras So Special?

Felina are known for a wonderful range of different qualities and attributes that they do phenomenally well. The first is variety. Felina have so many different designs, ranging from more timeless pieces to fashion bras. They have only been a brand for around 30 years, and as such they are young and ambitious and full of great ideas. But their every day range is just as beloved as anything else and they have a design for everyone. First and foremost, their range is about balance. Most of their designs look stylish whilst also being comfortable and easy to wear. They don’t skip on the quality of the fit and the support, but they also don’t make boring designs either. Of course, with a range as wide and varied as this, Felina make some very simplistic t-shirt bras that we love too, and they make fashion items that put design first. However, we have never found a design that sacrificed everything to a single quality. This is the part we love about Felina bras the most, they are able to always keep their whole range of customers in mind whilst offering specialised products and designs. So with such variety that never seems to leave anything out, where do you start? Sometimes it hard to begin with a range as broad as this.

Why Should I look At Felina Bras For My Next Purchase?

The best thing with Felina bras is to not look at them as a brand that makes a bra that does everything, but a brand that makes every kind of bra. Felina are meant to be something that you have many of. If you want something stylish and something more everyday friendly, then take a look at multiple items.

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