ITEM m6 Shapewear

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ITEM m6 Shape High Waisted Brief

Silicone band prevents slipping, No pinching at ends of legs, Flat tummy, Slim waist, Push up effect, Extra soft, 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane

Available Sizes:
Small, Large

Black Nude
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ITEM m6 Shaping Dress

Strong shape, Ultra effective, Flat tummy, Slim Waist, Low cut neckline, Sewn-in string panty, Invisible under clothes

Available Sizes:

ITEM m6 is one of the most anticipated additions to our collection of lingerie this year. It is one of the most accomplished in its field in terms of support and shapewear and makes some of the best slips, briefs and bodysuits in the world. Our other site, UK Tights, has seen some of the best support tights designs ever in our range from this designer. Tights were the first thing we brought on from ITEM m6, along with their amazing range of hold ups and other support leg wear, but now we have spread out to a much broader range from ITEM m6's leg wear alone. Their support tights are no longer the whole of their offering, and here at UK Lingerie, we have some of the their fantastic full body items. Wearing shapewear is often a choice between slimming, sculpting and body enhancement, versus comfort, ease and the feeling that your shapewear is barely there at all. Instead, with a design by ITEM m6 as part of your outfit, you have nothing to fear. The balance is perfect between practicality and comfort, without compromise of any kind. They will sculpt your figure, remain in place without the need for much adjustment, and will almost disappear after a few minutes of getting used to the fit, rather than it bothering you all day. ITEM m6 are also great for health reasons too, with shapewear being perfect for increasing circulation and giving your muscles the treatment they need throughout the day. And yet the ITEM m6 range is not just solely about practicality. The main reason many women wear shapewear is of course cosmetic. The sculpting and slimming options it offers are not to be underestimated by those who wear them for more practical reasons, and ITEM m6 are among the best designers for making shapewear, so all of those benefits and features will be the best they can be from any shapewear designer. Another great thing about this brand is its location and heritage. ITEM m6 were founded in Germany and are still produced there to this day. The lingerie and leg wear of ITEM m6 really do live up to the cliche of beautiful items of clothing coming out of German fashion houses, but it does seem to be the truth. ITEM m6 makes everything with precision, quality and robustness in mind over everything else and it really lives up to its nation's heritage of great manufacturing. If you want slimming and shaping items of lingerie that are superbly well made as well as natural feeling as a second skin, then something from ITEM m6 would be our first and best recommendation.

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