Katherine Hamilton

Katherine Hamilton is the kind of brand that we at UK Lingerie love. It really does have it all, with so many of the positive points we look for in a modern lingerie brand. But what are these qualities and what do we love most about Katherine Hamilton? Let's find out.

Why Do We Love Katherine Hamilton Lingerie So Much?

There are many reasons to love a designer as talented as this one, with designs as beautiful and impressive as they release. But let's take a closer look at precisely why we rave about them. Number one, they are a British brand. Although they do not make the entirety of their range here in the United Kingdom, it is based here and designed and managed by a team of dedicated entrepreneurs right here in England. But worry not, the second great thing we love about Katherine Hamilton Lingerie is that they still make their items in a great manufacturing location, namely Latvia, a country within the EU and a place with some amazing clothing, design and manufacturing credentials. This keeps the quality very high, but for the amazing quality you get, they still sport a much better price tag than if they were all handmade in their London location. The third great thing we love about this wonderful collection is the high end quality of its work. Katherine Hamilton Lingerie make some of the most exquisite bras we have ever seen. Not just beautiful bras with inventive patterns and unique designs, but really well made and high quality pieces too. They use the finest silks, the most detailed lace and the loveliest materials you will ever try on. But they are not restrictive in what they make either. Many luxury brands only make items in petite sizes or smaller cups, for those with a runway model figure. Katherine Hamilton bras actually specialize in luxurious bras for bigger cups, starting at D and going up to an HH. This is almost unheard of in lingerie design, but now it is here for you to try it for yourself, all with the quality and beauty you might expect form a luxury British designer.

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