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Anita Maternity Miss Anita Spacer Nursing Bra

Soft cups, Power mesh back, Clip on front straps, Breathable spacer fabric, Padded straps, Can be opened wide, 48% Nylon, 37% Polyester, 10% Elastane, 5% Polyurethane

Available Sizes:
UK 32 C Cup, UK 36 C Cup, UK 38 C Cup, UK 32 D Cup, UK 34 D Cup, UK 38 D Cup, UK 32 E Cup, UK 34 E Cup, UK 36 E Cup

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Maternity and nursing bras are some of the most popular and bestselling items in the world of lingerie, as you might suspect. Some women < a href="/bras">love lace bras and others love plain. Many women love a beautiful full cup bra whilst others fancy a suggestive half cup number. But if you choose to bring a little bundle of joy into the world, you'll always have to get hold of a good maternity bra. This is where almost all women converge and find themselves eventually, and yet so little is said or known about what should go into a good maternity bra or nursing bra. Well, we have compiled a definitive list of all the items we sell that fit this description and we have a fair few items to give to you as a suggestion. So, what should go into a good maternity bra? The first thing you should look for is probably the most obvious attribute, comfort. If the bra isn't comfortable, there's no way any of its other bells and whistles can compete. Finding the most comfortable nursing bra is the number one priority for expectant mothers and we think it should be the priority of designer to make everything they release feel like you're wearing nothing at all. But is that all a maternity bra is, a comfy bra? No, there's other attributes that make getting a maternity bra very different to any other kind of lingerie. Some of the best maternity bras will also expand and grow as you do throughout your pregnancy. This is more often seen in the world of maternity tights, but more and more bras are fitting the description too. The cups and the straps are made more stretchy than usual so that it can track your progress through your trimesters. Now it makes a lot of sense for maternity briefs and maternity tights, but why a bra? Well, for first time mothers, it can be surprising just how much a woman can develop in the bust when she is pregnant and discomfort is an easy thing to experience when you start to see your regular bras not fit anymore. There are those designs that are a little more flexible however, offering you the best option when it comes to staying comfy and not having to worry about one more complication when it comes to your pregnancy. But this still doesn't cover the humble nursing bra. A nursing bra is something you can feed your new born baby in whilst not having to take it off. The way this is done is by having foldable and stretchy panels that are easy to move out of the way without having to wrestle with underwiring and straps to get the bra off or partially off.

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