A 2008 study conducted by Chiropractic & Osteopathy found that 80% of women wore ill-fitting bras regularly, leading to skin irritation and back pain. Back pain aside, a properly fitting bra can improve your posture making you appear slimmer. If you can't remember the last time you were measured for a bra, check out our lingerie fitting guide to make sure you're wearing the correct size.

Popular Bra Styles

If this is your first time buying a bra, the terminology can seem a little overwhelming. To help you, we have put together an explanation of the most popular ladies bras and the body shapes they are most suited to:
• Full Cup • underwired or non-wired, give your breasts the fullest coverage and the most support. Suit all body types • Balcony (balconette) • usually half to three-quarter cup, lift and separate the breasts, supporting them from beneath. Best suit those with a gap in their cleavage and also give shape to sagging breasts • Plunge • lift and support breasts from the middle, pushing them together to create a voluptuous cleavage. Best suit those with breasts that sit close together • Minimiser • a full cup bra which supports while reducing the appearance of fullness • Push Up • a plunge or balconette bra offering maximum uplift for a fantastic cleavage. Best for small breasts • T-shirt • bras with moulded, seam-free cups and minimal lace or embellishments resulting in a smooth silhouette under tight fitting tops
Here at UK Lingerie, we have carefully chosen a select range of bras from manufacturer's whose principal concern is good quality materials and advanced ergonomic design, so that our customers can rest assured that they are getting the best products available. If you need any help at all choosing a bra, please don't hesitate to give our expert customer services team a call.

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