We have so many different kinds of nightwear on offer for men and women, here at UK Lingerie you are sure to find something you absolutely adore! • Pyjamas • perennial two piece favourite. The most modest and easy to wear nightwear can be both elegant and super comfy. • Dressing Gown • an absolute must have, perfect for throwing on out of the bath, with or without pyjamas, anytime you want to feel cuddly. • Lounge-wear • where nightwear becomes day-wear, perfectly acceptable for lazing around the house in at weekends. • Satin, Silk & Velvet Nightwear • whether it's for yourself or a gift for someone special, slipping into pj's crafted from a luxurious fabric is the ultimate evening time indulgence. • Chemise • the cousin of the baby-doll but more elegant and modest by comparison. • Baby-dolls • the most playful item of nightwear, cut to be flattering and feminine. • Nightdresses • a dress to be worn in bed, what could be more feminine and elegant? • Robes and Kimonos • are the best accessory in the nightwear world. Throw on over some elegant pyjamas, or jeans and a singlet if friends come over. Any base garment can be combined with a beautiful sweeping robe or an elegant and exotic kimono.

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