Pia Rossini

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Pia Rossini Holly Slippers

Diamante detail, Bow detail, Soft faux fur, Slip on style, Rubber sole

Available Sizes:
Small (UK 3 - 4.5)

Pia Rossini is a big name in lingerie, but a young one. Having only been founded in 1999, it is one of our youngest brands here at UK Lingerie. Whilst many might say they don't have the experience that many more senior brands have, they do have something else. Pia Rossini has ingenuity, creativity, passion and spirit, like many young brands that have made a big plash in their industry. And even more interestingly, they have poured all of this into one particular type of clothing, namely hats and other accessories. This is what makes them truly unique, as most twenty-something brands tend to concentrate on bikinis and sun dresses or other more noticeable garments. They have been part of family of brands at UK Tights and UK Swiwmear for a few years and their accessories are some of the best and most stylish we currently sell. So, why is it that a younger brand can largely outpace even the best designers out there? It is often the case that their accessories are so much more creative and that designer becomes the ruler of their little niche corner of the market, but why? Well a great deal of it is down to passion and creativity, the biggest components for success of a newcomer. When you haven't got teh name of a brand like Playtex or the history and long standing awe of your contemporaries like Aubade. But that's okay, as you can compare the most passionate and committed designer with the most well-funded or well backed one and you will often find its the former that makes the most interesting stuff. You can see it all over the world of clothing and other creative industries. Music made by indie artists are well known for making amazing music, all because they are hungry and passionate. An independent film maker can make a that rivals some big studios who want to turn a creative idea into a series that runs a little too long. Well that is also the case with fashion and clothing. Pia Rossini is one of the best names for this kind of passion and dedication in lingerie. This is the chief explanation, but another big part is the simpler explanation. Namely, it is the entirety of their range. There is a special kind of quality that comes from those that only make one type of item. Porsche makes great cars, and nothing else. And even when they make big and spacious four wheel drive, they are the highest quality, most luxuriously made and an instant stunner.

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