Playtex Flower Elegance Limited Edition Midi Brief


Available Sizes:
Small (UK 10), Medium (UK 12), Large (UK 14), X Large (UK 16), 2X Large (UK 18)

Black-Plum Bordeaux-Purple

Playtex Flower Elegance Limited Edition Underwired Bra


Available Sizes:
UK 32 B Cup, UK 34 B Cup, UK 36 B Cup, UK 38 B Cup, UK 40 B Cup, UK 40 C Cup, UK 42 C Cup, UK 32 D Cup, UK 34 D Cup, UK 36 D Cup, UK 38 D Cup, UK 40 D Cup , UK 32 DD Cup, UK 34 DD Cup, UK 40 DD Cup, UK 42 DD Cup, UK 32 E Cup, UK 36 E Cup, UK 42 E Cup, UK 32 F Cup, UK 34 F Cup, UK 36 F Cup, UK 38 F Cup, UK 32 FF Cup, UK 34 FF Cup, UK 36 FF Cup, UK 38 FF Cup, UK 40 FF Cup, UK 42 FF Cup, UK 32 G Cup, UK 34 G Cup, UK 36 G Cup, UK 42 G Cup

Black-Plum Bordeaux-Purple Melon-Punch-Pink
Playtex is one of those names that you instantly recognize and remember when it comes to lingerie. It's a true household name, like Ford for cars, Boeing for planes and Apple for computers. It has been a feature of the landscape of lingerie for a very long time, longer than many of their current customers have been alive. The company was founded in 1932 as the Latex company, which then reorganized after the war in 1947 into various divisions, Playtex among them. They are a designer from Rochester, New York. They have a long history of designing and manufacturing fabrics for all kinds of uses. The original company made latex items for clothing and also provide the material to the US Military for experimental applications. In 1947, they resumed making swimwear and underwear in earnest. That legacy of ambitious, experimental and industrious new uses of latex pushed Playtex forward and they soon became America's favourite brand of underwear and the patriotic choice for people across the great nation. Playtex soon became known through their pioneering use of latex for making the most comfortable and securely fitting bras around, and that reputation is well deserved to this day, but it isn't the whole story. Playtex have, in the last few years especially, become a more fashion orientated brand and have worked very hard to make their range more appealing to those women who want a bra that is beautiful for its own sake, rather than just practical and comfortable. Now a great deal of the time, we warn against going for a brand that tries to be all things to all men. But here we think Playtex is the exception. They have been creating comfortable underwear and securely fitting lingerie for so long that they have internalised this incredible tradition. They are essentially unbeatable at this type of clothing and it really is second nature to them. This is often the best choice for brands that want to expand, and Playtex is a fine example of what happens when you become a true master at something. They have been for a long time the best underwear around for comfort and because that reputation is so secure, they are able to put a lot of their newer efforts into appearances, style and fashion collections. They continue to tinker and experiment with how their underwear fits and are always making it better, but they like to put a little more time than is usual into the style side of the range today than many of their competitors.

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