Rosme Bras

Rosme is one the most exciting new designers we have introduced at UK Lingerie recently. It is also a designer that has come to us in a very unique way. Our Managing Director and several other members of our team, met with Rosme by chance when visiting other figures of the world of lingerie in Europe. Whilst we visited a lingerie and swimwear industry conference in the Latvia, we encountered the brand Rosme and its founder. Although they had made items for Swedish and Russian stores, this grass roots designer had never actually sold their goods outside of the Baltics. Rosme are a Latvian brand founded in Riga, the nation’s capital, and UK Lingerie is proud to be its first Western European retail partner. When we first visited Latvia to look for new partners, we hoped to find a very rare mix that is unheard of these days, namely a European brand with items made in its home country rather than in developing world, at a reasonable price. In the 21st Century, the clothing world often presents you with the choice of inexpensive items made in the developing world or items made in Rome and Paris that cost a king’s ransom. But when we met Rosme, this all changed. We realised that so many nations in Europe have the heritage and good name of European clothing design with quality fabrics and great know-how, combined with unbelievable price tags. Rosme is one of these brands. As the cities of the Baltics are quite inexpensive places to live. Baltic designers are able to make items that are sold for half that of what designers living in central Paris might charge. Yet with a long heritage of manufacturing that is as old as French or Italian manufacturing, the stunning and beautiful garments that they produce are just as gorgeous and well made. So if you want lingerie that is indistinguishable from the stunning pieces you have seen in upmarket stores in London and Paris, with a much more reasonable price tag, then Rosme may very well be for you.

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