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Since 2005, UK Tights has given the world the very best range of hosiery online. We have always strived to have the very best offering and plenty of choices. We think we accomplished that with 25,000 different SKUs across over 60 brands with our legwear collection. But here at UK Tights, we are never satisfied with "just enough". We decided that to have a pair of stockings, we would offer you a suspender belt. And if you have a belt, you would need a nice bra to match with it. That is where our other site came in, UK Lingerie.

We started this second site around 2016, although it was our third site, as we also have UK Swimwear which we founded in 2008. UK Lingerie was a website dedicated to bringing as much choice to our loyal customers for bras, briefs, suspender belts, pyjamas, nightwear, bodies, bodystockings, tops, and camisoles as we had offered at our hosiery site. We feel that we have brought just as much choice to our fans with UK Lingerie as we have with our other sites, and our offering became one of the best in the world of lingerie online.

But now it is time to take our efforts to bring you the best range possible into the future. We have decided to merge UK Tights and UK Lingerie. All of our underwired bras, lace briefs, and sexy suspender belts have moved over to UK Tights. We chose to do it this way as our original site is more well known and recognised than our newer ones. This means that you will be able to find all the items you loved before over at our other site simply by clicking the banner above. This makes a lot of sense for our customer experience. Before, you would have to buy a suspender belt here, and then if you wanted some stockings to go with them, you would have had to go over to our sister site to find them. Now, instead of placing two orders, you have the added convenience of finding them in the same place. What is choice without convenience, after all?

So visit our sister site, UK Tights, for the greatest one-stop shop for hosiery such as tights and hold-ups and stockings, but also lingerie like bras and briefs and nightwear, and even a few items of clothing too with a range of leggings and tops and trousers. You will surely find everything you need there, with tens of thousands of product combinations and over 120 brands to choose from.

Visit UK Tights now and find something you will love.


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