Activewear, also called sportswear and increasingly called athleisurewear, is anything that you can go to the gym in, wear for hiking or outdoor activities or anything you can wear for anything strenuous. Essentially, if you’re getting healthy in it, it’s activewear. Sporting garments of all kinds have been around as long as sports themselves, but it has only been in the last century or two that designers have decided to get scientific about it. In the past, sportswear was made from the worst possible choices for any activity. Running shirts were heavy cotton making sweat an always present issue, boxing gloves were pig skin which must have made those jabs uncomfortable, and running shoes were made from arch-wrecking leather. Of all the innovations in fashion and clothing it seems that activewear is the most impressive and has made the biggest strides. Activewear is amongst the most futuristic and well developed categories of clothing in the world, with a decade of progress being made every year, it seems. Right now, there are so many exciting athleisurewear leaps being made, especially in the realm of fabrics. These days, natural fabrics are no longer being turned away by designers. Some natural fibres are far better than cotton with its limitations in the world of performance. For example, merino has become quite the darling of the activewear world, with its antibacterial properties, no odour guarantee and wicking abilities that put synthetic materials to shame. The problem is that merino is grown on a certain breed of sheep and that fabric is only available from a few places in the world, New Zealand and Argentina being the only really big producers. This makes it expensive, even though it is the king of activewear materials. Another great option is bamboo. Some of our own socks are a great option for those who want the antibacterial sportswear qualities of merino without the cost. Bamboo fibres are as comfy as cotton and have not of the fluffy cashmere silkiness that merino has, making it feel less like a delicate fabric and more hardy. Bamboo is very much like merino and is so much more inexpensive to include in your clothing. You will find some bamboo items in the range right here too. But of course, synthetic fabrics are not hard to include into your outfit and are great for any sporty activity. Most of what you find out there uses this fabric and it is still a great choice even in an age of experimentation.

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