Elila is one of the most exciting new brands for plus sized women in our lingerie range. There are plenty of designers out there that do plus sized stuff as their core range, but so many of them fall into two camps. Either they do overly practical items that fit well but look boring, or the reverse where fashion comes first but the function is left behind. Well with Elila neither of these shortfalls occur, but the benefits most certainly do. Both fashion and function are present in their range and nothing is completely forgotten. Of course, there are designs made for comfort first, like their nursing bras and sports bras, but Elila know that they need not be completely dull and uninspired to be comfy. There's always room for a dose of beauty and a little in the way ornamentation, and Elila believe it shouldn't be too much to ask that your comfiest bras are also beautiful too. They are right, of course, and their range reflects that. They have impressed us with their first few seasonal releases, being just as strong with their fashion as they are with their fit and support. It's rare to see a designer that is capable of striking up a balance like this, but if that is your main mission statement and you stick to it, there is no reason your range can't get this balancing act right. Then again, it is worth mentioning that Elila is not exactly balancing anything. That would suggest they have half of each attribute covered, but in reality, they do both astoundingly well. Whereas a lot of designers that try to do two things at once end up with a great deal of compromise, Elila is a brand that is able to do both surprisingly well. They never seem to be without either, in any of their designs. But what about size? A lot of designers can offer plus size items, but few go higher than an E cup or F cup. Well Elila do something much more impressive, with some items in their range going up to an N cup! That's right, the letter N for November. This is unheard of in fashion lingerie and it is even more unheard of for these designs to look this good whilst going up to these sizes. Elila is able to offer a greater range than any single designer in the world of lingerie we know of, and yet retain their beauty and sense of style too. This is truly astounding and something that makes Elila unique and very special indeed. So if you need a size of bra that can't ordinarily be found elsewhere, this is the brand for you.

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